ARF Photography


My name is Andrew Fruzynski. I have been doing photography for about 5 years, and have been shooting professionally for 3 years of that. I started out shooting a little bit of everything from portraits to landscapes and everything in between, but in the last few years have focused down my work to doing just portraiture and everything that goes along with it. Photography is really a labor of love for me, making any money from it is really just a bonus in my eyes. I have learned very quickly that there is a lot more to doing photography then just having a camera. If you are looking to have photos done or a special event photographed but arent sure if you should hire a professional or just use uncle Bob who happens to have a camera, keep this in mind, a camera is just a tool for photography like a hammer is just a tool for building a house. Im sure uncle Bob also has a hammer, would you trust him to build your home for you? Professional photographers have the gear and the skills we do for a reason. If your looking for a photographer I urge you to not only look at price but look at the work itself and you will very quickly see why professionals are not just uncle Bob with a camera.

Intereseted in having me do your photos?

If you are intereseted in hiring me for any type of photography project you need done please send me an email with a brief explanation of what work it is you need done and I will get back to you within a couple hours with a full price quote and explanation of how my services work. I thank you for stopping by and hope to create some beautiful images for you soon.